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We at Todd Miner Law®️ focus solely on personal injury law, serving clients all over the state of Florida. To us, nothing is more important than being able to help someone in need during one of the most stressful moments in their lives. Our Orlando personal injury lawyer, Todd Miner, previously worked for the country’s largest insurance company. His first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies work and approach personal injury cases is now used to the benefit of injured victims. He can help you seek the compensation you need for your injuries by filing a personalized injury claim. Our results-driven approach to personal injury law has led to million-dollar results and countless satisfied clients. Please read their testimonials below for a better idea of the kind of high-quality services you can expect as our client.

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This firm was recommended to me by a friend and I would easily do the same.

This firm was recommended to me by a friend and I would easily do the same. I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Dinora and Mark Ahrens. This team fought hard to get me the settlement I deserved. I'm beyond satisfied with the professionalism and level of expertise of the Todd Miner law firm.

- Aiesha Minor

Todd Miner and Tony helped get the best results for my case.

Todd Miner and Tony helped get the best results for my case. Tony was very persistent with getting all my medical expenses covered for my accident and I am incredibly grateful for their hard work. I would recommend them to anyone involved in a rear end accident.

- Jordan Walden


Wow..where do I begin! Stephanie & Mark went above & beyond with my car accident case. They kept constant communication with me throughout my case making sure I would get the most out of my settlement! Stephanie is awesome!!! When my son was sick with cancer she just wasn't my paralegal..she would encourage me to stay strong & I'm so greatly appreciative of her! Mark was just as great! Thank you so much for the time & energy for working on my case!

- April Mansch

Todd Miner and Gabriela Rodriguez handled my case with the utmost care and professionalism.

Todd Miner and Gabriela Rodriguez handled my case with the utmost care and professionalism. I was kept informed at every step, and Gabriela was very responsive to any questions I had throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend the offices of Todd Miner to any of my colleagues, friends, or family. Very impressed. Thanks guys!

- David Shaw

They’ve helped me with so much.

Hiring a lawyer or legal team is never the easiest process. Nevertheless, my attorney Mark and paralegal Stephanie have been awesome! They’ve helped me with so much after my car accident, even in issues that did not necessarily correspond with my case. This helped expedite so much that I wouldn’t have been able to handle alone. The process can be lengthy but that’s to be expected. I’m glad to be in great hands!

- Elmire Bien-Aime

Mark and Stephanie were super helpful and helped me start to finish.

Mark and Stephanie were super helpful and helped me start to finish. Even though my case offered its challenges, they were able to identify and move past them effectively. I cannot express how happy I am that I choose Todd Miner to represent me.

- Rachel W

Since the very beginning Todd and Debra were very helpful, knowledgeable and understanding.

Since the very beginning Todd and Debra were very helpful , knowledgeable and understanding. I had a bad experience before and they literally overcame my expectations. If you need a a group of professionals, always available, experienced and willing to win your case for you (not for the firm) you must go for Todd Miner. I could write here all day about the cons of this firm because they cared about me all the way! You are wrong if you think all the firms are the same, they DO care about their clients and they will do everything to get you what is fair and give you all the instructions for absolutely everything!!! Thank you Todd Miner and Debra Porter, out of this horrible incident I discovered good friends and blessed people!!!! Words can't explain how thankful I am!

- anayama alvarenga

My case was handled with care and professionalism.

No one really wants to file a lawsuit, the process is daunting to say the least. Shopping around for someone who will not only represent your case with integrity but also treat you like a human being, not a dollar sign is an arduous task. My case was handled with care and professionalism, I was never made to feel ignored or overwhelmed. I thank Trent and Yami for making this process as simple as possible. I would definitely use Todd Miner's firm again (hopefully I won't ever have to). If you are looking for personal injury attorneys at law, this is your firm. Best, Deirdre

- Dee Lastname

This firm is honest and will work their hardest to settle your case in a timely manner!

Todd minor law group was amazing and always treated my husband an I with respect and kindness!This firm is honest an will work their hardest to settle your case in a timely manner !Attorney Mark Ahrens was kind an always took the time to speak to me an gave me his honest opinion! His paralegal ms Stephanie was awsome so caring an kind .She always returned my phone calls an always listened to my concerns !They were both a great pleasure to work with.I would highly recommend this law firm they are the best!

- Deborah Rudd

I am greatly appreciative of them.

I had the absolute pleasure of having Crystal Barnes handle my case and from beginning to end she made me feel fully informed and aware of every step. Constantly calling or emailing with updates throughout the entire process. Obtained a great settlement for me and made sure that any and all information that was needed was acquired. Thank you to Crystal and the team that this firm utilized for their hard work. I am greatly appreciative of them.

- Tyler Kenny

Very Professional!

I was in car accident over a year ago and Todd Miner's Law Firm was there guiding me very step of the way. Very Professional! In particular, Casey Owens. Casey knows her stuff while being friendly and attentive. She answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. I'm very happy with the results. Casey is a valuable asset to the Law Firm. Thank you Casey. I would definitely recommend them.

- Elizabeth Singer


As a victim of a hit-and-run, and they caught the other driver, who turned-out to also have State Farm, I decided to see if what Todd Miner advertises was true. The same evening I completed an on-line form, Todd Miner called me. Even though it was 8 pm in the evening, he was patient and very attentive to all the details of my accident. Todd and his team provided excellent guidance, kept me informed constantly throughout the process, and negotiate a settlement better than I expected. The entire Team had so much experience that they could not promise or guarantee what would happen next, but at each point they guided me to the very BEST OUTCOME I COULD HAVE HOPED FOR!! A very special THANK YOU to ATTORNEY MARK AHRENS & his paralegal Stephanie Velez-Raghunandan. Todd Miner got it started.....and you and your TEAM got me WHOLE AGAIN - THANK YOU!!!

- michael murphy

It is without reservation that I recommend the Law Offices of Attorney Todd Miner.

Following my motor vehicle accident in December 2011, I called Attorney Todd Miner's Office for a free consultation to discuss my situation, and explore my legal options. Impressed with the way I was warmly treated from the moment I arrived at his office, the years of experience that Atty. Miner has in dealing with personal injury cases, and his expertise on how to best deal with the insurance companies, I decided to retain his services. Looking back on all that has transpired since that 1st meeting, I can honestly say that it was one of the wisest decisions that I have ever made. Mr. Miner, Mr. Christopher Konicek, and Ms. Sara Russell worked very hard on my behalf to make certain that I received nothing less than a very fair settlement for my injuries, taking the time to keep me updated on how thing were progressing every step of the way. For that, I will remain forever grateful to each and every one of them. It is without reservation that I recommend the Law Offices of Attorney Todd Miner to anyone that has suffered a personal injury and is looking for the very best legal professionals to represent their interests.

- Fred DiNucci


I was involved in a car accident last year and I contacted the offices of Todd Miner and it was the best choice I could have made! I was given and appointment immediately and it was at the time that I met Mr. Miner's paralegal, Casey Owens. I cannot begin to tell you how kind, considerate, and diligently thorough she has been through this entire process. If you are in need of help with navigating the insane world of insurance company's then this is absolutely the call you need to make. Not only did Casey repeatedly go to bad for me but always explained each and every step to me. No mater what your legal needs are, CALL THEM FIRST!

- Karen G.

Todd and his staff were professional, detail oriented and always kept me up to date on my case.

I was recently rear ended by a texter who totaled my car and was under insured. I was referred to Todd Miner's office where I got stellar care, even though my accident was relatively minor as a whole and I was not hurt. Todd and his staff were professional, detail oriented and always kept me up to date on my case. All great attributes I look for in business and these days hard to come by! I will always return to their office and ask for help in the future should I need it. Gaby and Todd are the best! Thanks!

- Linda Pierce

So grateful for Todd Miner and his staff.

So grateful for Todd Miner and his staff. They walked me through every step after my car accident. Very professional, knowledgeable, responsive and 100% helpful. I felt I was in the BEST hands the whole time and I was. Thank you so much for all your assistance.

- Claudia Rupeiks

This firm is amazing!!

This firm is amazing!! Todd Miner and Christal were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. They worked very hard on the settlement of my case with a very great outcome. I highly recommend this firm, you will be in the best hands.

- Kimberlee Collazo

I am extremely satisfied at the work that Todd, Greg, Nancy and Norma did regarding our auto accident case.

I am extremely satisfied at the work that Todd, Greg, Nancy and Norma did regarding our auto accident case. It was a long process but that was to be expected as recovery took quite a while but the team never gave up. Norma deserves much more credit than what she probably ever receives. She has to deal with you when all your patience is gone and frustration takes over your brain! Still she is so considerate and caring that you can’t help but give her the props that she deserves. I sure hope she is well compensated and receives a bonus here and there because I think she gets the brunt of everyone’s frustration! I used Todd years ago, before he had his own firm and was so pleased with the service he provided and his down to earth personality, that I searched for him again and found he had his own firm and there is no other place I’d rather go for representation. I know that some people get mad because the process can be so lengthy but I feel if that’s the complaint that you have - you truly cannot blame that on the attorney or his staff. The insurance companies ARE NOT anyone’s friend and the adjuster’s job is to save his or her employer as much money as they can. You also need to ensure that you have reached maximum, medical improvement before coming to a settlement and sometimes people just want their settlement money now! That’s not your attorneys fault, so why give a bad review here for something way beyond Todd or any other staff attorney’s control? They are looking out for your health and best interests. Let’s think about it - they want to get the absolute best settlement for you as possible, because their pay depends on the amount you receive. I am very happy that I never forgot how well I was treated by Todd nearly 20 years ago and how very pleased we are again, having used Todd’s own firm this time. Norma still has lots of work to do after your settlement is reached and you have received your check and yet...she is still just as pleasant as ever and treats your concerns as though they are her most important concerns as well. She is amazing. Thanks Todd & team for everything. I pray that we never need your assistance for any accidents in the future but know that I will definitely refer you to anyone in need of excellent representation, because that’s what your firm provides! Blessings, Celeste Petrunak

- Celeste Petrunak

I can’t say enough great things about Todd Miner law firm!

I can’t say enough great things about Todd miner law firm! They fought my case to the end and my family and I are EXTREMELY happy with my results. Trenton Swan is the best, as well as Yami and Sherrell. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this firm and if I EVER need an attorney in the future I won’t hesitate to give them a call! #WAYTOGOTODDMINERLAWFIRM

- Tyla Sheri

Are you Confused? Read This!

Are you Confused? Read This! Remember if you in any kind of accident, YOU DON'T know enough about the law to make decisions by yourself. I hunted and shopped for an attorney for hours. The end result: Todd Miner! I tried the "so called "Big Guys" and let me tell you. They could care less about you! When I called "THEM" they had one of their many attorneys call back. I asked her where would she like me to fax the police report and she just said,, "I'm sorry, I am busy and will have to call you back which she NEVER DID. When I called Todd Miner's office and explained my accident within 5 minutes I received a call from Mr Miner Himself!! He assured me that he wanted to help me. He said come in the next morning where I was greeted by a friendly staff and again Todd himself. He reviewed my case with me and his "Wonderful" paralegal "Stephanie". By the time I left 30 minutes later I knew I had made the right decision! Just look at the way Todd advertises. Does he say how much money he can get you? NOOO! He wants you not to get into an accident to begin with. He supports safely driving a vehicle and sponsors programs that help the community! Don't make a mistake now. Just call Todd Miner and "REST AT EASE! Thank you Todd. I will always tell what a great job you did with: 1) Helping me get better with proper treatment of my injuries. 2) Repairing my vehicle quickly. 3) A fair settlement from the insurance company!

- John Failey