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We at Todd Miner Law®️ focus solely on personal injury law, serving clients all over the state of Florida. To us, nothing is more important than being able to help someone in need during one of the most stressful moments in their lives. Our Orlando personal injury lawyer, Todd Miner, previously worked for the country’s largest insurance company. His first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies work and approach personal injury cases is now used to the benefit of injured victims. He can help you seek the compensation you need for your injuries by filing a personalized injury claim. Our results-driven approach to personal injury law has led to million-dollar results and countless satisfied clients. Please read their testimonials below for a better idea of the kind of high-quality services you can expect as our client.

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Todd and the team were personally involved and showed sincere empathy for my situation.

Todd and his team represented my interests after a motorcycle crash caused be another vehicle left me with long-term physical injuries. I contacted the Todd Miner Law Firm after getting poor results with a small local law firm and then being misled and left without any representation by a very large Orlando law firm. I was initially drawn to Todd Miner Law after doing some deeper research and being impressed by their consistently high reviews. I found the online chat service a great way to make initial contact. From that point onward my experience was simply overwhelmingly positive. Todd and the team were personally involved and showed sincere empathy for my situation and physical/mental struggles stemming from the crash. Throughout the process I received immediate, clear responses to any questions I had from the case lead, Mark Ahrens, whether by email or phone communication. The case was resolved in a very reasonable time period with a level of compensation properly inline with the nature of my injuries and situation. I firmly believe the highly favorable outcome is due to the experience, competency, and respect that the Todd Miner Law Firm demonstrates in the legal community. As my case concludes I have certainly not become a legal expert, but feel like I have learned a few obvious lessons. The main one is this - Insurance companies completely understand which law firms are a competent force that require fair negotiating and which are small players that can be strong-armed into unfair settlements. My experience is that Todd Miner Law combines a great balance of size, experience, and clout with an approach that is still very personal and relationship-driven. I am very thankful I chose Todd and his team, and am completely satisfied with my experience and the case outcome.

- Chuck Deyo

Thank you times infinity!

Beyond fortunate to have Devin Topper at Todd Miner Law work on my case. Everything moved so swiftly (AND FAST!) and I could not be more thankful for him and the firm. He rest assured that I need not have any worries regarding it (and knowing me, I worry a lot) especially when it comes to matters legally. He made everything crystal clear for me and let me know immediately where I stood with my case. I got the best possible outcome and cannot stress enough how much a relief it was having him on my side! All the emails, phone calls, and questions did not go unnoticed or unanswered. Thank you times infinity! Devin, you are the best!

- Alana O

PHENOMENAL to work with.

First, I would like to say that this review is STRICTLY for Chris Konicek (attorney) and Dena McGregor (paralegal) at Todd Miner Law. They were not my initial team for my personal injury lawsuit. Initially Todd and another paralegal had my case and for them my star rating would be 1 or 0 stars due to lack of communication and forward progress on my case. Chris & Dena on the other hand were absolutely PHENOMENAL to work with. They were very attentive, communicated clearly, set clear expectations, kept me in the loop on where we were at, stayed on top of me about getting items back to them, and did a fantastic job of getting my lawsuit successfully resolved. Couldn't be happier with the work they did. If you are looking to use this law firm , I would HIGHLY recommend them. I do not recommend Todd. My lawsuit was at a complete stand still with him and his paralegal. My case dragged on for a total of 5 years which seems a bit long to me. It was like night and day once Chris and Dena were assigned to my case. They gave me the personalized and professional attention I was seeking in the first place when I hired Todd. Couldn't speak any higher about them. I would hire them again in a heartbeat for my legal team!

- Leslie Whittaker

His experience of working in the past for the insurance industry was invaluable!

I met with Mr. Todd Miner personally and he explained everything about my options and my case. He put me at ease in pursuing this case resulting from a car accident as this was not in my character. It was a pleasure to work with both Todd and Casey his paralegal in the Longwood office , and my case was finished in a few short months. I will say Mr. Miner left " nothing on the table" when the insurance company offered less than the full policy, he went back and recovered the full amount possible. His experience of working in the past for the insurance industry was invaluable!

- debbie manzo

Very great team at Todd Miner law.

Very great team at Todd Miner law. Lourdes was absolutely amazing when it came to any concerns and questions I had. If you want a kick butt lawyer then definitely ask for Trenton Swan he plays hardball like no other. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

- antoine howard

Todd Miner Law Firm is second to none.

Todd Miner Law Firm is second to none. I was involved in two accidents in two years, neither of which was my fault. The firm handled the first case so professionally and kept me in the loop all the way. When the second accident occurred, I knew exactly who to call upon. I even asked for Casey, the paralegal, by name. As before the concern was first and foremost for me and my medical care. My car was repaired expeditiously as well. When the insurance company, in their estimation, said that I didn't need further medical care. Again I was given the counsel I needed to continue with my medical treatment and not to worry about anything. The insurance company then made a lesser offer, Todd Miner Law Firm battled the insurance company on my behalf and got the maximum benefit I was entitled to. It's comforting to know that they are not afraid to battle on their clients behalf to the bitter end. I thank Casey and the Law Firm of Todd Miner for easing my mind when the insurance company barked and threatened to bite. They stood up for me and I didn't have to do anything. I'd recommend them to anyone who seeks professional yet personable legal representation.

- Kathi Wynn

Truly a rare quality in the cookie cutter world of lawyers in Orlando.

I posted a negative review earlier today based on what I felt was an unfair settlement my daughter received from a two year battle after a car accident. I did reach out and heard from Todd Miner and had a lengthy conversation. I was impressed that he actually reached out, especially in such a short amount of time. It did show that he cares about his business, reputation and his clients. I am very happy to say that Mr. Miner ultimately did say that he wanted to turn a negative experience into a positive one for my daughter and our family, and would actually look over the final settlement and would up the amount she received, hopefully to about $3,500. She was hoping for a minimum of $3,000 to take care of a sick dog and to move back to CO. This has been an extremely traumatic event for everyone in our family; myself and my other daughter both had court cases with Todd Miner and we were both extremely happy with our outcomes. I would definitely recommend Mr. Miner who ultimately cares about those that seek his help in some of the worst days of their lives. He is available to talk to and will gladly talk with those that reach out to him. This is truly a rare quality in the cookie cutter world of lawyers in Orlando and someone you seek to guide you through those dark days.

- Karen Brin

We were on the same page throughout the entire process.

I was assigned to Tony Buscemi. From the start he was concerned about my medical condition and progress. We were on the same page throughout the entire process and he negotiated a very favorable settlement with the defendant's insurance company. Thanks Tony and The Todd Miner Law Firm.

- Susan Bailey

He provided excellent guidance and advise.

Tod has been very helpful on multiple occasions. His professionalism, and responsiveness were greatly appreciated in a time of uncertainty. He provided excellent guidance and advise. I know that I am in good hands with Todd Miner

- Wenska Alteme

Pleasant whenever I called, no matter how many times I called.

Todd Miner and his staff, especially Gabby, made my experience very tolerable. Gabby always kept me informed on the progress of my case. She was very professional and forever pleasant whenever I called, no matter how many times I called. I would highly recommend the Todd Miner Law Firm.

- Diane and Steve Bell

Mr. Miner himself called me back.

First & foremost, i will say that i was referred at first to another big time law firm in the Orlando area, which i called, and was treated very rude. I then found Todd Miner, did some research, chated online with a member of his team, and right away, Mr. Miner himself called me back. Right from the start, he was very kind, knowledgeable, & honest. He even called me on the weekend on his personal time to put my mind at ease with a few things involving my case. How awesome is that? I also got the pleasure to have his Paralegal, Casey Owens, helping me out along the way, answering every email very promptly, & all around a sweet lady to talk to! I couldn't be more pleased with how this law firm treats their clients, You are more than a $ or a case number, you are a human being dealing with a hard stressful time in your life, and It puts your mind at ease knowing you have personable, professional people to help! I would highly recommend Todd Miner & his team to anyone!

- Kayla Griggs


IF YOU WANT A LAW FIRM THAT FIGHTS FOR YOU, AND CARES ABOUT YOU, IT'S TODD MINER LAW!! After being told by a large successful competitive Orlando Law firm that I had no case, I felt lost and hopeless in my first bad accident. The moment I contacted Todd Miner Law I was welcomed warmly and told within moments they would help and I could relax! Ironically the other injured person in the accident I was involved in after a woman slammed into our motorcycle that day was being represented by the same firm that told me I had no case. I honestly remember relaxing and healing, as my other injured friend who relocated 200 miles north to heal had to commute with a fractured pelvis to meet for 15 minutes with the firm that rejected my case. He told me continually he wished he had went with Todd Miner Law. Now almost 8 months later, not only did Mr. Miner and his amazing paralegal Jennifer, do exactly as they said they would do in regards to helping me financially, but to this day 8 months later they are still retrieving money for me through all outlets possible. I am so shocked and amazed that after the initial insurance settlement they still had more additional sources to help me this many months later!! That is a Law firm that cares!! The Law firm that represented my injured friend finalized his case the day the settlement check came, my friend wasn't even allowed to walk according doctors at that point and the Law firm was done with is case as soon as the money came in. I felt so blessed to have been accepted my Todd Miner Law after being rejected and left feeling alone by another Orlando firm, but now I see so many more blessing in my future because of Todd and the amazing hard work of his paralegal Jennifer, who I cant say enough kind things about, she really knows what she is doing and makes a fantastic team with Todd Miner Law. I'll never think at all before recommending Todd Miner Law to anyone, even strangers, and in the months since my accident I have many times!! This was one of the most horrific experiences of my life, yet once the terror was over, because of Todd Miner Law and his team I was able to focus on healing, not stress about how to afford the healing, or trying to contact people all day. I honestly and as easily as so, gave the firm my accident info, met with Todd and Jennifer, RELAXED AND HEALED, and literally Todd and Jennifer took care of everything!!! I have NO medical bills to pay, and a secure financial future that I would have never thought I would have thanks to Todd Miner Law and his hard working paralegals!. I'm forever grateful and in the most respectful way hope I never need your services again 🙂 but I will never go elsewhere should I or a loved one need them one day. THANK YOU TODD AND JENNIFER!!! Emily Williams

- Emily Williams

They were not afraid to call the other party's attorneys on their BS.

As a claimant in an auto accident, the process can be stressful and long. Tony Buscemi, was my case lead and he took the stress out of the situation. He is quite knowledgeable and educated me about the process. He kept me informed regarding my case with frequent communication. The other party kept dropping the ball and he and Todd fought for me every step of the way. They were not afraid to call the other party's attorneys on their BS. I highly recommend the Todd Miner Law firm and particularly Tony Buscemi.

- Udall DeOleo

I could not be any more pleased with the handling of my case by Todd Miner Law.

I could not be any more pleased with the handling of my case by Todd Miner Law. Todd Miner's associate, Mark Ahrens, handled my case with the utmost professionalism. I was most impressed by his knowledge and experience in the area of personal injury law. Additionally, Mr. Ahrens was articulate in his preparation of my case. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking quality, competent counsel.

- Linda Saltsgaver

For anyone weary of involving a lawyer, these are the people I would trust to work with.

I was in agonizing pain and had no where to go to for relief from a car accident. Because of my unfortunate situations with recently moving and different laws between states, no medical facility wanted to help me. Todd Miner himself called me within 12 hours of requesting information and decided to help me. Then Chris McGuire, a Case Manager, helped from then on out. He was professional, efficient, and kept me in the loop at all times. All I wanted was my pain to go away as it was burdening my life. Through the difficulties of my case, they were able to not only get me the medical help I so greatly needed but also a very fair compensation for the time I was out of work due to the situation. For anyone weary of involving a lawyer, these are the people I would trust to work with.

- Becky B

I will be forever appreciative of Todd Miner Law.

Todd Miner and his paralegal Casey Owens were heaven sent when I got in my first ever automobile accident. Although, I wasn't at fault, the process of dealing with a multi-vehicle accident was overwhelming and disheartening. Todd and his staff went above and beyond to make me feel protected. They were extremely informative and persevering. They fought through two other insurance agencies, who were initially denying fault, and they were able to help me recover all of my expenses for rentals, insurance deductible, etc. I am truly grateful for Todd Miner's exceptional paralegal Casey Owens, who was supportive of all my decisions despite my frustrations and times of impatience. Even though I regret being in such a situation, I will be forever appreciative of Todd Miner Law.

- Katelynn Malivert

He upholds family values and good business ethics in the community.

The Todd Miner Law Firm is only firm that does not have any baggage or political back pockets to hide from. That is because he upholds family values and good business ethics in the community. His whole staff, especially Casey Owens, has been the most professional and honest with my case. They also recommended me to a specialist for my concussion, who was the best in the business to ensure that I received the best care possible. If you want your case done right, Todd Miner is the only Lawyer to call.

- Zane Plumley

The communication was flawless.

Trenton Swan and the entire Todd Miner Law team did a extraordinary job during this entire process. The communication was flawless during the process, and especially top notch during this COVID-19 pandemic. Look no farther than this team if the need arises for you. Great job all the way around. Thank You

- Tina Diederich

They responded to our requests as quickly as they possibly could.

Todd Miner and his paralegal Casey Owens were very helpful to us in our son's recent auto accident. They handled everything with the insurance companies and the medical providers. They responded to our requests as quickly as they possibly could and kept us up to date on the status of our case. They were very straightforward about the case and didn't promise us anything except that they would fight for our son, which they did. We are very pleased with their service.

- Michelle Oliver

Tough as nails, a pitbull, is how I would describe Todd Miner.

Tough as nails, a pitbull, is how I would describe Todd Miner. A man that won't back down and get what is deserved, and owed, to you as the client. Todd is very direct, very straight forward, and is truly concerned for his client. That's the type of personality you want in an attorney that will be fighting for you! His paralegal, Casey Owens, was amazing too, helping me navigate the legal waters. With Casey and Todd together, I would recommend Todd Miner's law firm to anyone that needs a personal injury attorney!