We at Todd Miner Law focus solely on personal injury law, serving clients all over the state of Florida. To us, nothing is more important than being able to help someone in need during one of the most stressful moments in their lives. Our Orlando personal injury lawyer, Todd Miner, previously worked for the country’s largest insurance company. His first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies work and approach personal injury cases is now used to the benefit of injured victims. He can help you seek the compensation you need for your injuries by filing a personalized injury claim. Our results-driven approach to personal injury law has led to million-dollar results and countless satisfied clients. Please read their testimonials below for a better idea of the kind of high-quality services you can expect as our client.

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Todd explained everything & was extremely professional!

I reached out to Todd on a Sunday and he was so responsive! He explained everything & was extremely professional!

- Chelsea N.

Brenda was so helpful and kept me well informed through the whole process!

Brenda was so helpful and kept me well informed through the whole process. Thank you so much for everything. I will definitely refer you to everyone.

- Angela G.

The best call I have ever made!

I was rear ended by a careless driver when I was at complete stop trying to make my turn and was seriously injured. Having 2 insurance companies against me and acting like this was my fault, I got so nervous getting the run around on all my medical needs. So after a month, I made the call to Todd Miner Law and it was the best call I have ever made! They truly care about their clients and they were very helpful through this long process. After 3 and a half years, we finally got one of the insurance to settle out in mediation and was able to get the maximum recovery in my settlement! MARK AHERNS showed such professionalism along with TODD MINER and all their staff. They truly lived up to their reputation and would highly recommend them to someone that needs a great law firm by their side in time of need. Thank you again!

- Melissa F.

One of the best things I could have done!

Contacting Todd’s office was one of the best things I could have done to takeover my case. I originally contacted Dan Newlin’s office to handle my case and was faced with a lot of statements like (we don’t handle that, I’m sorry we can help you with that, etc.…). I reached my limit and reached out to Todd’s office and spoke with Todd right off the bat. I moved my case to Todd’s care and within the first 24 hours Todd and his team did more for my case then Dan Newlin’s office did within 3 weeks. Todd and his team were very helpful and always took the time to talk to me when ever I had any questions. I hope I never need a law office again for an auto wreak, but if I do, I will reach back out to Todd’s Office. -Todd you and your team helped me out a lot and I want to thank you for your help.

- Chris G.

I very highly recommend Todd Miner Law!

As a young man of only 26 years in 1987, I was struggling with my first automotive repair shop in a small suburb. Not knowing if my business was going to make it, worrying for my young family including a wife and 3 young boys. I feared I chose a wrong location, the wrong town. In reality there simply was not the population to support my business. I was in a dark place with my business when a customer came in for a simple tune up, and brakes squealing. I never met him; I treated him no different than anyone else. I tuned his car, pulled his brake pads, inspected his brake pads which had been changed and had plenty of life, just installed improperly. I cleaned the brake pads, and applied anti squeak, fixed. The customer was simply stunned I did not replace his brakes for $69.95 but instead cleaned and properly reinstalled his brakes for $20. Afterwards that gentleman sent me an Unsolicited Testimonial outlining what he considered my above and beyond service on his car. Not just the saving his brake pads and $50, but also the way I handled him as my customer, the appearance of my facility, etc. All he really said was I did everything I was supposed to do, to the highest level. Well that letter came to me a few weeks after his service, and I was literally packing and closing shop. I simply could not overcome the lack of a local market in the area I set up. I was so depressed, and when this letter came, I cried, tears of joy. The customer had no idea I would be closing the shop soon. But that simple 5 minute letter helped me close my doors with my head high and gave me the confidence to try again in another area. Well that move worked and there is a happy ending. I now look for opportunities to do such a letter. Most of these Unsolicited Testimonials go to very successful businesses and /or persons in the company specifically. Even though most of these letters go to already successful recipients, I suspect these letters have a similar effect as my first had on me. I look for opportunities to send these letters for above and beyond service. But the sad reality is I have only found limited opportunities to send these Unsolicited Testimonials over 40 years. Well the team of Mark and Brenda easily deserve this Unsolicited Testimonial. On Dec 11, 2017 I was involved in a Car Accident. Not my fault and I was dealing with a real ugly insurance company on the other side. I was injured, missed 6 months of work and went through some stuff. I am fine now, back to normal. I just needed to recover my lost income, have my medical bills covered, and maybe some pain and suffering would be nice, especially considering how nasty the insurance company was to me. I hired Mark a few weeks after the accident, and today settled very quickly just 11 months later on November 2, 2018. Mark and Brenda negotiated all corners of the settlement including how much the insurance company paid, and then how much was paid out of that for some of the medical treatments. Specifically there were a few bills I thought I was substantially over charged for. When discussing final settlement I agreed to a gross amount from the insurance company, which Mark got. Mark gave me a range of the lowest possible amount and a highest potential amount I would receive after paying medical bills. I told Mark of course I hoped for the highest possible amount to me. Brenda did an excellent job negotiating the medical bills netting me MORE MONEY then I hoped for. So there it is. That above and beyond service! I very highly recommend Todd Miner Law, and the team of Mark R. Ahrens and Brenda Atkinson!

- Frank S.

I’m very happy with the outcome.

Todd Miner & Associates were very professional & worked diligently on my case. I’m very happy with the outcome.

- John C.

Very Professional!

I was represented by Todd Miner Law in my personal injury case after having been turned down elsewhere. Looking back, Todd Miner should have been my first call. Attorney Mark Ahrens, and his paralegal Dinora Cardona, handled my case and I couldn’t be more pleased. When all was said and done, my settlement was more than DOUBLE what was offered. More importantly, Mark was a calm, reassuring voice as he navigated the murky, and oftentimes rough, legal waters. I wholeheartedly recommend the Todd Miner Law Group in general and Mark Ahrens specifically. 5 Stars!

- Pat M.

Someone you can trust, someone without a gimmick. Just a good guy looking out for Orlando.

Todd Miner and his staff will always be at the top of trustful Orlando attorneys. My family and friends have called Todd FIRST when an accident has occurred. He took care of my sister-in-law after a bad motorcycle accident. His office was thorough and you could tell they really cared about the family involved. After that exceptional experience - my wife was in a bad car accident and we called Todd immediately after the accident took place. We trusted him in what to do immediately after. After such a bad accident, you need someone to take your hand and show you what to do. Todd's office does that, allowing you to move past the accident without fear of the unknown. If any family or friends ever need an attorney, Todd will always be our recommendation. Someone you can trust, someone without a gimmick. Just a good guy looking out for Orlando. Thank you Todd Miner and your amazing team.

- Chase S.