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We at Todd Miner Law®️ focus solely on personal injury law, serving clients all over the state of Florida. To us, nothing is more important than being able to help someone in need during one of the most stressful moments in their lives. Our Orlando personal injury lawyer, Todd Miner, previously worked for the country’s largest insurance company. His first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies work and approach personal injury cases is now used to the benefit of injured victims. He can help you seek the compensation you need for your injuries by filing a personalized injury claim. Our results-driven approach to personal injury law has led to million-dollar results and countless satisfied clients. Please read their testimonials below for a better idea of the kind of high-quality services you can expect as our client.

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I was rear ended in a motor vehicle accident. I did not know what to do or who to call and I was referred to Todd Miner. I met with Casey for an initial consultation and spoke with Todd after and they were both understanding, reassuring and advocated for me to receive great care so that I could recover. I can tell they had my best interest in mind. In addition, they were available when I needed them. Quality service, reliability and piece of mind. I am grateful!

- April

They helped me handle everything.

I employed Todd Miner to fight my case against my auto insurance company and the at fault party's insurance as well. I was not paid or given any incentive for this review, but I must say that the process could not have gone any smoother. I dealt directly with Todd and Debra, his Paralegal. Debra is a TRUE professional and keeps you posted on every step of the process. They helped me handle everything from getting a can rental, to where I can get my car repaired, to even where I can go for medical treatment. It was flawless and well-coordinated. I highly recommend Todd Miner!

- Anonymous

A grateful "thank you" to both Todd and Stephanie for all you did to get me through this process.

Over the past 20 years I've only needed an attorney twice, and both times I chose to work with Todd Miner. He and his staff are professional, responsive and attentive. I sense that they truly care about their clients. I like the fact that Mr. Miner and all of his attorney staff members have extensive experience and come from the insurance industry. This sets the firm apart from others in Central Florida. They know both sides of the fence, and use that knowledge and experience to help clients receive superior representation and a fair settlement. I would not hesitate to recommend Todd Miner to my family and friends. A grateful "thank you" to both Todd and Stephanie for all you did to get me through this process.

- Beth

No regrets after choosing them.

My experience with Todd Miner's Law was an overall great and informative experience. I enjoyed the professionalism and promptness of Debra Porter one of the paralegals at the location. Unfortunately, I was involved in 2 accident within months of each other but they were able to reassure me that all will be well and to leave any worries up to them while I continued to seek therapy. No regrets after choosing them. You won't either. 😉

- Anonymous

He cares about his clients and will work hard for you to be compensated for your injuries.

My husband and I hired Todd Miner after we were rear-ended. Being new to Florida and not knowing an attorney we decided to make an appointment to speak to Todd. So happy we did. He explained Florida laws to us and put us at ease. All we had to do was go to therapy and doctor's visits. He kept us encourage throughout this ordeal. We settled our case. We are very happy with the outcome. I would recommend Todd Miner to anyone who has been in an accident. He cares about his clients and will work hard for you to be compensated for your injuries.

- Linda

I highly recommend Todd Miner and his law firm to anyone looking for a good lawyer.

The whole law firm has been very kind to us, explaining everything i needed to know about my case. Whenever I asked a question, Stephanie, Todd's paralegal answered them. When I came into settle, Todd was very kind to me and help me with anything I asked. I believe Todd Miner and his whole law firm do everything they can to make sure we are submitting the correct paperwork we needed to settle my case. I highly recommend Todd Miner and his law firm to anyone looking for a good lawyer to assist them in dealing with insurance companies.

- Teresita

Very Thankful!

I am very thankful for the service I received from Todd Miner office and Casey Owens was great with handling my case and answering all question that I had

- Robert Strickland

They are the best in Orlando

They are the best in Orlando they made something out of nothing for me I will never choose anyone else again thanks Mr Miner and team

- Brandon

Todd Miner and his team were very professional

Todd Miner and his team were very professional (Greg Starks, Dena McGregor and staff). They returned my calls in a timely manner and kept me informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish. When the opposing counsel made an unreasonable offer, the Miner team did not hesitate to provide me their opinion and guidance. I was very satisfied with the final result. I greatly appreciate and thank you for all your hard work.

- Jennifer

Great Job!

My wife and I were involved in an auto accident and subsequently hired Todd Miner Law®️. I must say, that was pretty much all we had to do. Mr. Miner and our paralegal, Gabriela handled all aspects of our case unto a final settlement. Overall, our expectations were more than exceeded.

- John Briganti

Very professional and courteous service

My daughter was involved in a bad car accident last year and I contacted the offices of Todd Miner. I was given an appointment immediately and it was at this time that my daughter and I met Mr. Miner and Mr. Miner's paralegal, Stephanie. Mr. Miner explained the whole process of dealing with insurance company and every step that needs to be taken in detail. After the initial meeting, we were kept in the loop by Stephanie, who was always very professional and courteous; updating us of all the actions they were taking and kept the communication line open during the whole process. They took charge of everything and won our case with the maximum payout. I strongly recommend attorney Todd Miner and his paralegal Stephanie.

- Bernard Shomali

Professionalism was the hallmark of my experience with Todd Miner!

Once you accept the fact that the legal process has to run its course the results were satisfying. My experience with the only person I communicated with throughout the entire process was excellent. Without any hesitation I would highly recommend Todd Miner.

- Everold Golding

Very helpful!

I was in a rear-ended collision by chain reaction. One vehicle struck a car, which subsequently struck me. Something told me to get a lawyer. Todd Miner and paralegal Stephanie really helped me by informing me to go visit a doctor before the 14 day deadline via FL PIP law. Thank you Todd and Stephanie! Hopefully I'll never get in another accident, but if I do, I will not hesitate to call Todd Miner again.

- Anonymous

I also had one of the best experiences with Todd Miner Law.

I also had one of the best experiences with Todd Miner Law®️. After my accident I called his office and was told to come in and talk about what had happened. when I left there that day I felt so comfortable knowing I made the right decision. I want to give a special thanks to Casey who made everything go so smoothly. Thank You for your hard work and dedication on my behalf, Very impressed and would use Todd Miner Law®️ again. THANK YOU!!!

- Rick

I had the best experience using Todd Miner!

I had the best experience using Todd Miner, with special thanks to Stephanie Raghunandan, his paralegal with who I had the most contact. She is always prompt to respond to any call that I made the same day and answer any questions I had. She is very courteous and knowledgeable, and always a pleasure to deal with.

- Piedad

I felt confident that my case was in the right hands.

I hired Todd Miner after my friend and I were in a car accident at no fault to us. I was very impressed by the professionalism of his office and staff. When I met Mr. Miner and his paralegal Stephanie, I was impressed. I felt confident that my case was in the right hands. Their actions were swift. Stephanie was always on top of things. Always called me back promptly. Explained things in laymen terms that I could understand. She made me feel like my case really mattered and not just another "client". I felt like she knew what she was doing and felt confident in her judgments and coarse of actions. My case was settled in a timely matter. I would hire Todd Miner's office again if ever need be. I would also request that Stephanie is working on my case.

- Dave

I would highly recommend Todd Miner's office.

My first initial contact to Todd Miner's office, I spoke directly with Mr. Miner regarding my situation. Mr. Miner immediately provided me with direction. Thereafter, I spoke with his paralegal, Stephanie, who continued to guide me and assist with any questions that I had. I received an update on my case on a timely basis and always knew what stage my case was in. Stephanie was great to work with, very professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Todd Miner's office.

- Anonymous

So grateful to Todd Miner and his team.

So grateful to Todd Miner and his team, very professional and knowledgeable. Stephanie was very supportive and comforting, she was there whenever we needed guidance or just to answer a simple question, she also made sure to keep us updated and informed about our next steps. Again, we can't say enough about the great job Stephanie did for our case, this firm really goes above and beyond to guaranty satisfaction. Thank you for a job well done.

- Hinlando

I would like to thank Todd Miner and his assistant Jennifer Morris

I would like to thank Todd Miner and his assistant Jennifer Morris for sticking with my case , they were professional from start to finish. Every question I had was answered and explained to me so I truly understood what was happening with my case. All my phone calls were answered that day. My case was a difficult one but Todd stayed with it and the out come was better than I was hoping for. Thank you for helping me fight the the big insurance companies.

- Jim

Deeply appreciative for all of the help!

Deeply appreciative for all of the help Todd and Stephanie provided to me in my case...it was unreal how the other companies involved were treating me, and Todd and his team FOUGHT HARD to bring the truth out. I never thought I would need an attorney, yet---there I was. Highly recommended if you find yourself in need of true representation.

- L.T.