When you adopt or buy a new dog, you are not only bringing him into your home. You are also introducing your new pet to your community. As a result, you are considered legally responsible for making sure your dog is not a danger to anyone. If your dog bites someone who was not deliberately provoking someone, you will likely be liable for any resulting damage.

Fortunately, it is rare for a properly trained and socialized dog to bite anyone who is not hurting him or his family. If you own a dog or are considering getting one, it is important to be fully educated about properly caring for him or her. If you have been attacked by a poorly trained or guarded dog, call Orlando personal injury attorney Todd Miner.

Dog Bite Prevention

Ideally, dog bite prevention will begin in puppyhood. Puppies often nip (lightly bite) humans as a form of play, a bad habit that needs to be dissuaded early on. However, even if you first met your dog when she was an adult, you can still work with her to minimize the risk of a bite injury.

Some basic advice for protecting the people in your neighborhood include:

  • Enroll in a basic training course. This is the safest and most efficient way to make sure your dog is learning good manners. Even if your dog already knows a few basic tricks, a training course can socialize him and build a strong relationship between the two of you.
  • Socialize your dog. If your dog rarely spends other time with other animals, or humans besides you, he may get anxious around strangers. Find opportunities to introduce your dogs to new friends in a safe, calm environment. The aforementioned obedience classes can be just the thing.
  • Do not use physical punishment. If you hit or otherwise hurt your dog whenever she bites, you are only teaching her that this kind of behavior is acceptable in your “pack.” Positive rewards for calm behavior, and non-violent punishments for biting, will teach a much more effective lesson.

Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to follow simple tips like these with their animals. If you or your pet has been attacked by an unruly dog, Orlando personal injury lawyer Todd Miner can help you seek justice.

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