A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is usually caused by a forceful blow to the skull that causes damage to the brain. In some cases, it can be caused by a force that causes the skull to suddenly and violently move back and forth. Patients with TBI generally require extensive medical treatment, including emergency services to treat the initial injury and long-term therapy for its consequences.

Unfortunately, these treatments can add up to staggering medical bills for patients and their families, even with insurance coverage. If you or a member of your family has suffered from TBI caused by a negligent party, you should not have to take on such expenses alone. To learn about your legal options, call Orlando personal injury lawyer Todd Miner.

Emergency TBI Treatment

When a patient is brought to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, the primary goal is to stabilize him or her. Depending on the type of injury he or she has suffered, surgical treatments may be needed to reduce bleeding or swelling in the brain. Since structural damage to the brain is sadly not treatable, the goal is to minimize the amount of damage done, rather than reverse it.

How long the initial treatment lasts will depend on how well the patient responds. Victims of TBI are often unconscious for hours, days, or even months. During that time, their condition must be closely monitored while their bodies’ basic needs for nutrition and hygiene are met. When the patient regains consciousness, a full assessment of his or her physical and psychological functioning is required before he or she can be discharged.

After the patient’s initial discharge, further treatment will be prescribed based on his or her functioning and the assistance he or she needs. Unfortunately, many families struggle to access and pay for the services they need. If you are facing such struggles after an injury caused by negligence, an experienced brain injury lawyer can help you review your options for winning compensation.

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