It’s summertime, which is the perfect time to set sail and go boating with family and friends. Just as there are safety precautions for operating any sort of motorized vehicle, there are some easy precautions for boating that will minimize accidents on the water.

However, even after taking every precaution, accidents can still happen. If you or someone you know has been involved or injured in a boating accident, you may deserve compensation. Contact the Orlando personal injury lawyer Todd Miner today to get the legal advice you need.

Life Jacket Information

Life jackets save lives when boats or people:

  • Capsize in rough water
  • Sink in unexpectedly heavy conditions
  • Fall from boat as a result of large waves or collision
  • Are injured by rocks or submerged objects
  • Fall off balance while fishing

Even though not required, a life jacket should be worn whenever you’re on a boat. Boat owners should know that vests must be easily accessible and should not be stowed in locked or closed off compartments. Life jackets can save lives, but only if they are worn!

BUI facts

Alcohol affects and threatens the safety and well-being of everyone out on the water. Boating under the influence (BUI) is dangerous.

The following may occur when alcohol is consumed when boating:

  • Cognitive abilities and judgment decrease, making it harder to process information and make quick, last minute decisions.
  • Vision is affected and can lead to poor focus and decreased night vision.
  • Physical coordination is affected and can lead to balance problems and increase reaction time.

Alcohol is more risky on water than on land because boat operators are often less experienced on water than on the road. Many people driving boats have little or no training or experience. Every boater needs to understand the risks of boating under the influence.

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