Hip replacement surgery is a painful, dangerous procedure that involves a leap of faith in your surgeon and the manufacturer of the parts that will be placed in your body. For years, surgeons have used plastic hip replacement parts, which became unreliable for patients. The parts would break, causing discomfort in the groin or hip area. Recently, surgeons have switched over to metal hip replacement parts, such as those made by manufacturer Zimmer, Inc.

Unfortunately, some of these parts have caused significant pain and discomfort in many patients. You may experience pain when sitting, walking or standing. Even though medical practices and hospitals have stopped buying these types of parts, the manufacturer has refused to recall them. If you’ve experienced pain with a hip replacement surgery using Zimmer hardware, you need to get help.

The most important step to take is to contact an attorney who is familiar with medical product liability and personal injury. You will need the following information to help get a review about your case:

  • Your surgeon’s medical chart
  • Operative reports about your procedure
  • The device record about the parts
  • Your Zimmer hip replacement parts

It’s also important that you do not contact Zimmer with concerns about your hip replacement procedure and sign a liability form that prevents you from pursuing them. This also could potentially result in denial of coverage from your own health insurance company. If you sign any forms, you may not be able to obtain a trusted Orlando personal injury attorney to get you the compensation you need.

Todd Miner: Personal Injury Attorney with 19 Years of Experience

If you’re searching for help from a trustworthy advocate, I can help you with your personal injury case regarding your Zimmer hip replacement. I’m familiar with many cases that involve these and a variety of other medical procedures. You have nothing to lose by reaching out to talk with me. The sooner you contact me, the sooner I can help you recover compensation you may be entitled.

You should not have to deal with additional medical bills from your faulty hip replacement. Instead, hire me to get the compensation you deserve. I’ll handle your case while you focus on your recovery. Call today to speak with me, an experienced and dependable personal injury attorney.