Orlando has some of the most spectacular arenas, professional buildings and city living complexes of any city in the US. City development projects pop up throughout Orlando throughout the year. For example, the new Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center will open in 2013. With all that new commerce, homes and apartment buildings are popping up as well. The physical labor that goes into these buildings comes from hard working construction workers.

These men and women often labor for long hours in relatively dangerous conditions– especially when compared to an office worker! Construction workers labor in all sorts of environments including underground, at great heights, on busy highways, and on cluttered building sites. To make things even more complicated, they often work with hazardous materials, heavy equipment, and power tools. Todd Miner Law®️ understands the hazardous conditions these workers face. And he understands that that workers and employers have to work together to avoid injuries on the job.

Contacting a lawyer or an attorney after a construction accident is the first step you should take. But that’s after an injury has occurred. Avoiding the accident all together would be even better! To help you stay safe, we’ve compiled this short list of ways to avoid getting hurt on the job. Todd Miner wants to help you get what you deserve– but he’d rather see you prevent accidents before they happen.

Safety Tips of How to Prevent a Construction Accident

Keep Your Workspace Clean: Keeping work areas as clean and free of debris eliminates all the tripping over power cords, tools, equipment, or construction junk that collects throughout the day. It’s a tired old saying, but it’s true– every worker should clean small messes as often as possible. It keeps the area clean and safe for everyone all day long.

Keep Up With Equipment Maintenance: Ensuring that construction equipment and tools are working properly is important when working with powerful tools and electrical equipment. As long as a tool appears to be working, it’s tempting to neglect basic maintenance. Lack of care can eventually lead to loose bolts or other dangerous situations. Left alone, benches could break or saws can malfunction. The end result is a deadly situation.

Wear Protective Equipment: No matter how much experience you have as a construction worker you should always wear a hard hat, goggles and other protective equipment. It doesn’t take much to put these protective pieces on and they can make the difference between life and death if something goes wrong. For instance, hard hats are worn to help protect workers from head injuries from impact, falling or flying objects or electrical shock. Safety goggles help protect the eyes or face from chemicals and radiation.

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Unfortunately, even if you’ve had many years of experience on the job and have taken all of the necessary precautions, construction accidents still happen. Orlando personal injury lawyer Todd Miner is here to give you the legal advice you’re entitled to, along with helping you during every step of the way with your construction accident claim. Call now to learn more!