How to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

How to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

I have been riding motorcycles since I was about ten years old. As every motorcycle rider knows, there is risk involved in this fun pastime and mode of transportation. But motorcyclists take on the risk willingly for the love of riding. However, it’s important to be prepared in the event you are involved in a motorcycle accident. You want to know ahead of time who you or your family would hire in the event of a motorcycle accident. Do your research to ensure you find an attorney who has the experience to get you maximum compensation.

In this article, I talk about whether it is worth it to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, and what to look for in a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Is It Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

I am occasionally asked this question. The short answer: It depends. Obviously, if you are not injured and have no damage to your motorcycle, and otherwise have no need to pursue a claim, then you would not need to hire a motorcycle accident attorney. However, if you have sustained injuries, even minimal-appearing injuries, then hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer may be the smart thing to do because your finances and quality of life will likely be impacted. Even if you are ready to go back to work now, what will you do if your injury impacts your ability to work several years down the line? How will your injury affect your sleep and your time with family? These are very important considerations.

As a former defense attorney for one of the largest insurance companies in the country, I know firsthand how the insurance company will downplay the impact the accident will have on your finances and daily life and try to pay you as little as possible for your accident claim. A motorcycle accident attorney’s primary job is to fight the insurance company and ensure that your injuries and damages are taken seriously so that you are compensated fully, considering how the injury may affect you over years, not just weeks. Without an experienced attorney representing you, you are at the mercy of the insurance company and the adjuster. There is too much at stake for you to “do it yourself”.

What to Look for In a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When I was an insurance company attorney, I routinely encountered “injury” attorneys who put forth little effort on behalf of their clients. An injury attorney with integrity, desire, and passion, will work as hard as necessary to even the playing field for you; seven days a week if necessary. Sadly, in my opinion, there are not many of these attorneys around anymore. Many attorneys will simply settle your case for pennies on the dollar to avoid the hard work and expense necessary to get the best result possible. Will you know if this happens to you?

An experienced, ethical motorcycle accident attorney should only take on your case if he or she truly believes you have a good chance of winning, and if they are willing to fight for you all the way to trial if necessary. Incredibly, there are many injury attorneys who have never even taken a case to trial.

Some of the things you’ll want to prioritize in a motorcycle accident attorney are the following:

Hire an Attorney Who Has Specific Motorcycle Accident Experience

Any lawyer who is licensed in your state can technically represent you in a motorcycle accident injury case. But you should hire someone who specifically focuses on personal injury and has actual experience representing motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents are unique due to the vulnerability of the rider compared with larger vehicles on the road. Hire a lawyer who has years of experience specifically in this area of law.

Hire a Local Personal Injury Attorney

Some out-of-state attorneys will advertise in your area, for example stating “Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney” in their ads. This is not only misleading but can also result in you hiring an attorney who is not best suited to handle your case. If you hire an out-of-state attorney, they will usually refer your case to someone in your region to get a referral fee. You will have little to no control over which attorney ends up representing you. We recommend hiring an attorney who lives in your area and who has practiced law in your area their entire career. A local motorcycle accident attorney will be familiar with the local laws, courts, judges, and defense attorneys, and will have a better understanding of the roads and geography of your area and where the motorcycle accident occurred.

Motorcycle Accident Case Results

Hire someone who wins cases. This may sound like common sense, but some people simply hire the first attorney they see on TV. You want a personal injury attorney with a strong track record of winning compensation for clients. Ask the attorney how many motorcycle injury clients he or she has personally represented and what were the results of the cases. When I was an insurance company attorney, I had motorcycle accident cases against injury attorneys all the time who did not have a good understanding of this type of case.

Reputation and Ethics

Similarly, what do you know about the lawyer’s reputation and ethics? Find a lawyer who is aggressive in the courtroom but is also ethical and professional and does not cut corners. An ethical attorney treats clients with respect and is transparent about your case’s strengths and weaknesses, the process, and how long your case may take.

While many motorcycle injury cases can be resolved through effective and skilled settlement negotiations, it is in your best interests to hire a motorcycle attorney with a reputation for going to court and trial and advocating aggressively for clients. Insurance companies know who the true fighters are and are more likely to offer a higher settlement to avoid going to court. Meanwhile, an insurance company may offer a lower settlement if you hire an unknown, inexperienced attorney.

Interviewing the Attorney

You should have the opportunity to speak with your attorney and interview them to find out if you want to hire them. Your case is important and deserves to be treated as such. Look for an attorney who will take the time to speak with you. This is a good indicator of whether he or she will also dedicate time to your case.

Finding a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Online

“Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me”

Online research is also a helpful tool for finding a motorcycle accident lawyer. A search for the term “motorcycle accident lawyer near me” or “motorcycle accident attorney near me” in Google will pull up a map with law firms in your area that offer this service. But remember, just because an attorney claims to handle motorcycle accident cases, does not mean they have the experience and skill level necessary to get you the results you deserve.

You will also see a list of attorneys in the main list of Google Search results, and you can visit their websites to determine if you want to call them for your motorcycle accident case.

But again, keep in mind that things are not always as they seem online. Anyone can claim online that he or she is the “best motorcycle accident attorney.” Read reviews from third parties such as Google reviews when you talk to the law firm. And don’t forget to ask the attorney if he or she rides motorcycles. An attorney who does not ride motorcycles regularly cannot fully understand the accident from your perspective.

Orlando best motorcycle lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Todd Miner Law®️

As a lifelong motorcyclist and avid Harley Davidson rider, I take winning motorcycle accident cases seriously and personally. Not only do I have over 31 years of experience as an attorney in Orlando, I also have been riding motorcycles for over four decades. I fight for compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries as though they were my own. I have successfully represented hundreds of clients who were injured on motorcycles, because I have the experience to win motorcycle accident cases. Call us today to speak about your motorcycle injury at 407-214-4743.



Todd Miner

Todd Miner is the Senior Trial Attorney & Managing Attorney at Todd Miner Law®️. A Florida native, Todd's journey in law began at the University of Central Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He then obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law. With a background as an Assistant State Attorney and experience in insurance defense, Todd brings over three decades of legal expertise to his practice, focusing on complex personal injury cases. He is dedicated to advocating for his clients and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

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