As the holiday season rolls around, many people grow excited at the prospect of enjoying time with loved ones, travelling, or celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year’s Eve. While it is an incredibly happy time, the sad reality is the occurrence of accidents spikes drastically during the holiday season. With the sudden increase in travel, driving, and drinking, also comes an increase in accidents or injuries.

With so many people taking a much-needed break from work; and so many people visiting their loved ones, car accidents are more prevalent than ever. Additionally, people are more likely to indulge in alcohol, resulting in an increased amount of drunk driving accidents. Our team at Todd Miner Law®️ has unfortunately seen countless tragedies and injuries during the holiday season, which is why we believe it is essential that you and your loved ones follow certain holiday safety tips.

First and foremost, wearing a seatbelt, even if you are in a parking lot, can save your life. Secondly, drive with utmost care on snowy, icy, or wet roads. Lastly, don’t drink and drive–even if you’ve had only one glass of champagne or wine, you don’t want to risk the devastation of a holiday accident to ruin the festivities and memories for years to come.

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