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Riding a motorcycle is one of the most thrilling experiences anyone can have, yet it can also be one of the most dangerous. Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately all too common, despite the fact that they are preventable in a number of instances. As a motorcyclist, you will want to ensure you do your part to prevent any accidents or injuries while on the road. However, if necessary, our Orlando personal injury lawyers of Todd Miner Law®️ will advocate on your behalf to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

The following are some of the most important motorcycle safety practices to follow every time you get on your bike:

  • Safety gear – Wearing a helmet, as well as knee and shoulder pads, will help prevent a number of possible injuries, some of them being fatal. This may the most important preventative action you can possibly take.
  • Drive defensively – Motorcyclists are often difficult to see for other vehicles on the road, especially if those drivers are not paying attention. This is why you need to be extra vigilant as a motorcyclist, and be prepared for any and everything.
  • Slow down – Due to limited visibility, many people won’t see you coming until you are in the immediate view, which is why it is essential you don’t just fly by out of nowhere.
  • Be aware of possible road blocks – Many motorcycle accidents are caused by objects on the road, which riders don’t see until it’s too late. These objects can range from animals, slick surfaces, gravel, uneven ground, snow, ice, debris, or other road hazards. Keep an eye out for any of those and more, especially when you are driving at high speeds.

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