All you have to do is look around and you can see that with warmer weather approaching, more and more motorcycle owners will be taking to the streets, including myself. I started riding motorcycles at age ten. So I know all too well that reckless driving on the part of riders, coupled with motorist carelessness, too often causes fatal accidents.

Motorcycles are inherently much more dangerous than passenger vehicles; they are not equipped with seat belts, air bags or any of the other myriad safety devices present in cars and trucks. Over the years I have represented countless motorcyclists who have seriously injured due to the negligence of someone else. As a motorcycle accident lawyer located right here in Orlando, I can help you if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else.

The Risks of Being a Biker

Though a helmet and protective riding gear are a must at all times, there is little these can do to protect you in a head-on collision. Whereas a regular motorist has the advantage of staying inside their vehicle during an accident, motorcycle riders simply do not.

Regardless of how skilled of a biker you may be, always practice defensive driving techniques. Only 25% of motorcycle accidents do not involve other motorists, so it bears paying attention on the road (for all parties). Drivers often hit riders because they fail to see them; the smaller size of these vehicles makes for more challenging blind spots and impaired visibility, especially at night. 4 out of every 5 bikers is killed as the result of a vehicular accident vs. 1 out of 5 for people in passenger vehicles.

Know Your Limits

To be clear, the fault does not always lie at the hands of other motorists. Motorcyclists who operate under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, speed (this is a particularly common violation), or who lack proper riding skills are also to blame. Poor road and weather conditions make the latter issue of even greater concern, which is why every motorcycle owner should take a certified driving course. I did.

Have you recently been injured in a motorcycle accident? If so, get in touch with the Orlando auto and motorcycle accident attorneys at Todd Miner Law®️ today to schedule a free consultation. Hiring an accident lawyer is one of the first things you should do after getting medical help.