The Florida First District Court of Appeals made a landmark change to the state’s workers’ compensation statute late last February 2013, striking down a component which heretofore limited disability benefits to a disbursement period of 104 weeks. Bradley Westphal is a Florida firefighter and paramedic who was injured on the job and continues to be disabled as a result, past the previous 104-week limit.

Restoring the Temporary Total Disability benefits distribution to its previous 260-week period is a move that bodes well for workers in Orlando and Florida in general. While most on-the-job injuries are healed in a shorter time frame, we hope that our legislative body never fails to acknowledge the individual who proves the exception to the rule.

Have You Been Denied Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you’ve been injured on the job and find yourself incurring medical expenses as well as lost wages due to work missed, you’ve probably already sought workers’ compensation benefits through your employers. But what if those benefits run out, or your claim was denied? What if you thought you were restored to full health but later realized you are still experiencing negative ramifications from your workplace injury?

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Since 1993 Attorney Todd Miner has made it his mission to stand for individuals who have been injured wrongfully. Your employer has a responsibility to maintain safe workplace conditions and to respond effectively when one of their own is injured on the job.

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