Florida has an aggressive state-wide bicycle helmet law, but helmets can only do so much. Orlando personal injury lawyer Todd Miner has the experience to take legal action and recover financial compensation when safety gear fails and bicyclists and motorcyclists are seriously injured.

Oddly, some drivers are under the impression that if the cyclist didn’t have protective gear and an accident occurred that the driver is somehow safe from damages. That couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Miner.

Drivers are charged with exercising reasonable care for the safety of others, particularly when traveling around bicyclists. Unfortunately, not all drivers do this. It’s therefore important for Orlando to understand that helmets and pads won’t keep a cyclist entirely safe. Even when a bicycle helmet is worn, they can fail in an impact. The spine, neck and other critical areas are not protected, and serious injury can occur.

Todd Miner is a motorcycle accident attorney who cares passionately about bicycling safety. He knows that cyclists are very vulnerable because they don’t have the protection of metal around them as drivers do in automobiles. He knows that cyclists are at greater risks of being seriously injured or even killed in an accident.

Distractions Are Dangerous to Cyclists

The best thing drivers can do to protect cyclists is to be alert. Texting while driving is now unlawful in Florida and in several states. When drivers are distracted, it is easy to miss a car or a child on a bike.

In Florida, law makers just approved the texting ban Feb 7, making texting while driving a secondary offence. Drivers can only text while they are stopped at a traffic light or stuck in traffic.

Distractions aside, keep bicycle helmets and safety gear as required attire when bicycling, but always stay mindful that they won’t stop a car.

To learn more about your rights to compensation after a serious injury, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Florida residents trust: Todd Miner. He’s just a phone call away.