Chemical Burn Injuries

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Construction sites can be populated with all manners of hazards if supervisors, foremen, and parent companies are not serious about maintaining safe practices. While many companies are aware of and plan for common jobsite dangers – such as falling objects and equipment failures – many overlook the dangers of chemical products. A single mistake can lead to a dangerous toxic substance exposure event and seriously injure a worker, particularly if the chemical is volatile enough to cause a burn injury.

A worker exposed to toxic, caustic, or poisonous chemicals may suffer:

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a dangerous substance while working on a construction site, or within any other industrial occupation, Todd Miner Law can be the legal team that elevates your claim. We are led by Attorney Todd Miner, who has earned an AV Preeminent® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® and has 20+ years of injury case experience as both plaintiff and defendant counsel.

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Lingering Harm Caused by Chemicals

After a construction worker is exposed to dangerous chemicals, any immediate compensation offered through a settlement, if such an offer is created at all, will most likely not be nearly enough. Chemical exposure will usually cause devastating damage immediately but even more harm as time goes on and symptoms worsen or become noticeable. Before you accept any settlement offers, be sure to get fully evaluated by a physician and speak to your attorney.

Evidence You Can Use in Your Case

Bringing a lawsuit against your employer or a chemical manufacturer might feel like an uphill battle from the beginning. Our Orlando construction accident lawyers want to make things as simple as possible for you by providing knowledgeable counsel that is capable of handling all aspects of your claim. Part of our focus will be on backing your claim with evidence so clear and irrefutable, the opposing counsel offers a fair, maximized settlement before anything needs to go to court.

Evidence you may be able to use for your claim includes:

  • Safety inspection records from your jobsite
  • Training provided to workers handling chemicals
  • Labeling or container condition of jobsite chemicals
  • Coworker testimonies
  • CCTV footage from the construction site

Be sure to also obtain copies of any medical records you obtain after your accident. Your physician’s description or diagnosis of your chemical burn injury can prove invaluable for your claim.

We Will Put Up the Good Fight for You

If you do not feel like dealing with litigation and paperwork, let our Orlando injury lawyers manage all the fine details for you. Resting and recuperation should be your priorities, while your financial recovery is ours. Go ahead and contact our firm at any time to schedule a free consultation with our team.

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