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When someone becomes paralyzed following a traumatic or violent accident, such as a car accident or construction accident, the medical treatments necessary are nearly-guaranteed to be extensive and expensive. Paralysis injury victims that need to seek compensation must be certain that every type of damages is considered, for both current procedures and any and all that come in the future, years and years later.

Todd Miner Law®️ and our team of Orlando paralysis injury attorneys have decades of combined legal experience helping people find compensation and justice following all sorts of catastrophic accidents. If you or someone you know have been rendered paralyzed due to the negligence of another party, let us know during a free initial case evaluation. With our guidance, knowledgeability, and reputation throughout Florida, we may be able to help you achieve a maximized compensation.

Forms of damages that should be considered in an injury claim following paralysis are:

  • Immediate and emergency care after the accident
  • Hospitalization and related costs
  • Rehabilitation program fees
  • Missed and reduced wages due to injury
  • Changes made to living space (wheelchair ramps, handrails, etc.)
  • Lessened quality of life or loss of enjoyment
  • Suffering, trauma, and lingering pain

Types & Durations of Paralysis

A paralysis injury is measured by severity and duration:

  • Total: When a body part or organ is rendered completely unusable due to paralysis, it is defined as total.
  • Partial: A body part or organ that can still complete some functions after a paralysis-inducing injury has experienced partial paralysis.
  • Temporary: Some incidents of paralysis are expected to end once healing is completed or reaches a certain point; this is known as temporary paralysis.
  • Permanent: Due to the general inability for nerves to heal themselves, many paralysis injuries, especially those that hit the spinal cord directly, will be permanent.

Total permanent paralysis – sometimes shortened to TPP in medical reports – will require the most compensation due to the fact that it will require the most medical treatment with the longest duration. Quadriplegia is arguably the most devastating form of paralysis, as it involves total permanent paralysis of all four limbs and often the muscles of the torso as well.

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