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Car accidents are extremely stressful and can leave all involved incredibly traumatized, both physically and emotionally. While a regular fender bender can leave a driver or passenger shaken, some accidents are simply more terrifying than others, such as rollover accidents. Rollovers are the primary cause of death in SUV crashes, as they usually result either in death or other catastrophic injuries.

Dealing with the aftermath of a painful and nerve-wracking car accident is something we don’t recommend you do on your own–allow our personal injury lawyers to handle the complexities and legalities of your case. If your rollover accident was caused by a reckless or negligent driver, or perhaps is the fault of the manufacturer of your vehicle, you deserve aggressive and experienced legal representation.

The following factors may lead to a rollover accident:

  • Top-heavy cars, such as SUVS, trucks, pickup trucks, vans, and buses
  • Sudden steering wheel movements and sharp turns
  • Speeding and distracted driving
  • Impact of another vehicle
  • Bad weather, such as snow, ice, and rain

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At Todd Miner Law®️, we understand the devastation you are feeling following a rollover accident. These accidents are incredibly frightening, and can leave you with a number of dangerous injuries. Following a rollover accident, our personal injury lawyers want to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

While you focus on healing your injuries and rebuilding emotionally, our legal team will fight on your behalf to obtain the compensation you are entitled to. Whether you are facing expensive medical bills, have missed work as a result, or are simply under a lot of emotional distress and pain and suffering, we want to help combat these concerns in an effective and efficient manner.

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