Pedestrian Accident FAQ

What are My Rights as a Pedestrian?

When pedestrians are hit and injured by negligent or reckless drivers, they reserve the right to pursue compensation for any damages they may have suffered in the accident.

When you work with our Orlando pedestrian accident attorneys at Todd Miner Law, we can help you pursue monetary compensation for the following:

  • Physical suffering
  • Emotional suffering
  • Medical costs
  • Absent wages
  • Physician visits

What are Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents?

Unfortunately, many drivers will flee the scene after they have stuck a pedestrian. In doing so, drivers attempt to avoid responsibility for the damages. When a hit and run accident occurs, it is important that the pedestrian contact an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney immediately. A skilled lawyer may be able to locate the responsible driver by speaking with witnesses and utilizing other resources. If a driver cannot be located, a seasoned attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation through insurance.

Why Should I Let Todd Miner Law®️ Represent Me?

Have you sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident? If so, get in touch with our firm right away. We are passionate about obtaining positive results for our clients no matter what their cases may be. After an accident, we believe it is important for victims to focus on their physical recovery. That is why we are devoted to handling the complicated legal matters while you focus on regaining your health once again.

Take a look at these alarming statistics, such as the number of pedestrian deaths in two decades, how many pedestrian fatalities occur each year, where the majority of pedestrian fatalities occur, and projections of how many pedestrians were likely to be killed in 2016.