Boating accidents are more common than one might expect, especially in vacation hotspots that bring people to the oceanfront. Here in Florida, it is not uncommon for people to own a car and a boat for recreation. It is also common for people to not purchase any adequate boater’s insurance to provide various damages to injured parties after a boating crash.

If the person who owns the boat involved in your boating accident has no applicable insurance, then what can you do to seek compensation? Your own motor vehicle coverage might not apply, either, since boats and watercraft are typically excluded in most policies. However, you could be surprised to find that a homeowners’ insurance policy could give you some coverage.

Homeowners’ Insurance Can Be Comprehensive

At a glance, a homeowners’ insurance policy seems to only cover damage to your home. It makes sense given that it is called homeowners’ insurance. Yet, in many cases, homeowners’ insurance policies act as a larger catch-all for various incidents and liability issues.

Some homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage caused by rampaging wild animals like runaway horses or a grizzly bear. Others will help pay your medical bills if you are hit by an object that falls out of a plane or from space. Some insurance companies will even sell you a policy that pays for rare wines lost due to a power outage or fire. With this in mind, it is perhaps not so surprising to find that homeowners’ insurance can sometimes provide damages following a boating accident.

When your options are looking limited, work with a trusted local personal injury attorney to review your homeowners’ insurance policy and/or that of the party liable for your boating accident. It could be that you find an opportunity to seek reimbursement for your damages, even if it is not as robust of coverage as you could expect from a dedicated boater’s insurance policy.

Fight Insurance Companies with Former Insurance Lawyers

At Todd Miner Law®️ in Orlando, we are led by Attorney Todd Miner, who spent years as an insurance defense attorney. He famously has coined the phrase: “Everything I learned on their side I bring to your side.®” When you need to see if homeowners’ insurance can be used to cover your boating accident injuries and damages, trust in our team to be able to decipher the fine print of your insurance policies and get to the bottom of the matter. If you do have a claim for compensation, then we can instruct you on what to do next and inform you about what you can probably expect as your case develops.

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