Halloween is the spookiest time of the year. But during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, celebrating this holiday could be downright frightening if safety is not made the top priority.

At Todd Miner Law®️ in Orlando, we want everyone in our communities to be safe and sound while also finding ways to enjoy the season. If you are looking for ways to entertain your children this Halloween, then we think you will like some of the ideas we have here.

Trick-or-Treating & Minimizing Virus Exposure Risks

At the center of Halloween for so many families is the pastime of trick-or-tricking. Children love going throughout the neighborhood to collect treats while dressed as monsters and heroes; and parents love watching them have fun. The pandemic has certainly changed how families can trick-or-treat this year, though.

Before you trick-or-treat this year, consider:

  • Local rules: You might not be permitted to trick-or-treat door-to-door in your neighborhood, county, or complex due to unique rules established by local authorities. Be sure to check for any locally specific information regarding trick-or-treating this year, so you do not get in trouble. A good starting point for that info will be calling your local sheriff’s department or city hall.
  • Safety equipment: Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but it should not take priority over wearing proper virus safety equipment like masks and gloves. Groups like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ask that everyone wear an approved face mask while trick-or-treating, even under any masks that are part of a costume. It might not be the most comfortable option, but it is far more comfortable than coronavirus symptoms.
  • Social distancing: While you are trick-or-treating, you should continue to maintain at least six feet between yourself and other kids and parents. When getting candy, it would be ideal to retrieve it from bowls left by the door, rather than taking it directly from peoples’ hands.
  • Clean up: After you get home from your round of trick-or-treating, you should wash any candy wrappers that your child is going to eat right away. The safest option is to set aside the candy for three or four days before eating it because the coronavirus is believed to dissipate in 72 hours or less off most surfaces. If you choose this option, then you might want to buy some candy to give your child in the meantime.
  • Special events: If trick-or-treating is disallowed in your neighborhood or you do not want to go, then you can look to see if there are any special events in your area that will be just as fun. For example, many public libraries and schools host free Halloween events for parents with children. Before attending, ask about the safety precautions they are taking.

Sweets & Spooky Movie Night

There is plenty of fun to be had on Halloween in your own home, too. Many parents this year will be choosing to stay put to decrease the risk of encountering someone who might be contagious. If you are taking this safety measure, then you can have fun with your kids by creating scary Halloween treats together.

There are all sorts of Halloween-themed recipes that you can find with a quick search on the internet. There is bound to be a few that you and your children will like, such as cookies that look like ghosts, smoothies like witches’ brews, and so forth.

After you are done making scary treats, you can settle down for a spooky movie night. Older children might be ready to watch a horror movie, but you will probably want to stick with something a bit more fun for young kids.

No matter what you choose to do with your family this Halloween, we hope you have fun and stay safe. Best wishes from all of us at Todd Miner Law®️!



Todd Miner

Todd Miner is the Senior Trial Attorney & Managing Attorney at Todd Miner Law®️. A Florida native, Todd's journey in law began at the University of Central Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He then obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law. With a background as an Assistant State Attorney and experience in insurance defense, Todd brings over three decades of legal expertise to his practice, focusing on complex personal injury cases. He is dedicated to advocating for his clients and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

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