Car accidents can create more than just injuries and losses for victims and their families – they also have the potential to result in challenging and contested legal claims. Although victims of preventable accidents have the right to seek justice and a financial recovery of their damages, compensation is never guaranteed, nor is there any law that defines what constitutes a “fair” recovery.

While many car accident cases can be resolved successfully out of the court room, negotiations and settlements still require leverage and meticulous work. Additionally, litigation may become necessary in cases where insurance companies refuse to offer fair compensation, dispute key aspects of a claim, or deny liability entirely. In either scenario, victims can benefit from the help of bold advocates who know how to protect their rights and interests every step of the way.

At Todd Miner Law®️, our legal team is led by Attorney Todd Miner, a nationally recognized Florida Trial Lawyer with over 31 years of trial experience and personal injury law. Though his experience in this field is critical to our success, his unique background and perspective often make the biggest difference for our clients and their cases. That’s because he not only worked as an insurance defense attorney with the nation’s largest provider – a key factor that allows us to know how the “other side” operates in personal injury cases – but also because he served as an Assistant State Attorney.

The Assistant State Attorney Advantage

Why does Attorney Todd Miner’s experience as an Assistant State Attorney provide a distinct advantage to our clients? There a few significant reasons:

  • Trial Experience – Attorney Todd Miner’s first job after being admitted to the Florida Bar was as an Assistant State Attorney in Florida. This role provided him with invaluable trial experience prosecuting defendants accused of various local and state crimes, including those involving traffic offenses. Although these trials were handled in criminal court, the experience translates well to the civil justice system, where trials also require ample preparation, meticulous attention to detail, and focused, clear, and concise arguments that can be clearly understood by laymen who comprise our juries, and who make decisions that impact the futures of victims.
  • High Standards – Criminal courts require prosecutors to meet the highest burden of proof in our judicial system: “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Todd’s experience as an Assistant State Attorney instilled the work ethic needed to meet this high standard, which enables him to go above and beyond when meeting the lower burden of proof in civil cases: a “preponderance of the evidence,” which simply means “more likely than not.”
  • Traffic Cases – Although Todd worked in various divisions during his time with the Office of the State Attorney, his work in the Traffic division provided the greatest benefits in terms of his career as a personal injury lawyer, and particularly in cases involving victims injured by the negligence and unlawful acts of motorists. As a prosecutor, he handled cases involving driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, and other traffic-related offenses. Not only did this allow him to gain an intricate understanding of Florida vehicle and criminal laws, it also provided extensive insight into the types of avoidable factors that commonly lead to preventable accidents. He leverages this insight when working to highlight how an at-fault motorist failed to uphold their legal obligation to safely operate a motor vehicle, and to hold them liable for victims’ injuries and damages.
  • Community Service – An Assistant State Attorney is essentially a public servant, an employed lawyer who works for the government. As a prosecutor, Todd represented the interests not only of victims, when criminal conduct resulted in victims suffering harm, but also local communities and the public at large. Enforcing laws that prohibit drunk and impaired driving, reckless speeding, and other traffic offenses, was an exercise in community service that has remained with Attorney Miner throughout his career. Today, he applies that same passion to ensuring at-fault individuals, companies, and insurance providers are held to the standards of our laws and their legal responsibilities. This benefits our clients in their personal fights for justice, and can also play a role in sending the message that negligently endangering the public is never to be tolerated, which in turn can prompt needed changes that better protect the safety of our communities.

Attorney Miner’s experience as an Assistant State Attorney is one of the many invaluable assets upon which he founded our firm, and which continues to drive our focus and work for clients today. His reputation and background also provide leverage for our clients when they face-off against powerful insurance companies and corporations that respect Todd’s insight and experience, and which often makes defendants more receptive to negotiating fair settlements.

Put Insight and Experience in Your Corner

Seeking full and fair compensation after a car accident can be a challenging task even for experienced lawyers, which is why selecting the right attorney is so crucially important. Backed by Attorney Todd Miner’s experience as an Assistant State Attorney, an insurance defense lawyer, and a skilled personal injury attorney with over 31 years in practice, our firm has the insight and resources clients need to make the most of their opportunities in the civil justice system. We’ve proven just that through the millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements we’ve recovered throughout the years, and our many positive client testimonials.

If you have questions about a recent car accident in Orlando or any of the surrounding areas of Florida, or would like to learn how Todd Miner Law®️ can put our experience to work for your benefit, please call 407-894-1480 or contact us online for a free consultation.


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