Florida roads and highways see their fair share of accidents, and according to studies published by personal finance company SmartAsset, that may be due to the fact that Florida drivers are among the worst in the nation.

As noted in the latest edition of States with the Worst Drivers, Florida again ranked atop the list of the worst drivers in America. Although it came in at number 8 in the recently released 2018 list, Florida was ranked number 1 in both 2017 and 2016.

According to SmartAsset, the study evaluates a number of factors to create its rankings, including metrics involving the percentage of drivers with auto insurance, the number of DUI / DWI arrests per driver, the average number of deaths per miles driven, and how often state residents searched online for terms such as “traffic ticket,” “speeding ticket,” and other similar indicators of bad driving.

Here are a few details about what’s earned Florida a consistent place among the top of the list of states with the worst drivers:

  • Low Insurance Rates – Florida has the lowest rate of insured drivers in the U.S., with just 73% of all drivers carrying auto insurance. Victims injured in car accidents involving uninsured drivers can face challenges when it comes to securing the full amount of compensation needed to cover their damages.
  • High Fatality Rates – Florida is second in the nation in terms of roadway fatalities, with 1.47 deaths per 100 million miles driven. The state has consistently had some of the highest rates of roadway fatalities in the nation, though they have fallen by roughly a third since 1994. Still, there were nearly 3,200 roadway deaths in 2016 alone.
  • Traffic Infractions – According to data from online search engines, Floridians google terms like “traffic ticket” and “speeding ticket” more often than residents in 41 other states. That suggests Florida drivers may be committing more traffic infractions, which can increase the risks of preventable wrecks.
  • Hit-and-Run Accidents – According to a study released earlier this year by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Florida is among the top three states with the highest rates of deadly hit-and-run accidents. In 2016, there were 206 hit-and-run accidents involving at least one fatality, and numerous others causing injury. Experts suggest that has a lot to with the state’s low rates of insured drivers, who may be more likely to flee after causing accidents.

If there’s anything to learn from the study’s findings and Florida’s consistent top spot when it comes to the nation’s worst motorists, it is that auto accidents are an ever-present risks on public roads and highways across the state. Because Florida has the lowest rate of insured drivers, it also serves as a reminder about the importance of reevaluating your auto insurance policy to consider purchasing additional coverage – including uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM / UIM) coverage that can make the difference when it matters most.

Of course, the sobering spotlight should also prompt you to do your part in making safety a priority behind the wheel in order to reduce your risks of being involved in a wreck. Unfortunately, as our team knows all too well, even the most safety-conscious motorists can suffer harm in preventable wrecks when others are negligent. Fortunately, victims of car accidents have the right to seek justice and compensation by pursuing a personal injury case.

At Todd Miner Law®️, Attorney Todd Miner and our legal team are passionate about helping injured victims and families following all types of preventable car accidents. By leveraging our decades of collective experience, extensive resources, and the insight of Attorney Todd Miner, who worked as a former insurance lawyer for one of the nation’s largest carriers, we’ve been able to help clients effectively navigate their legal journeys, and recover millions of dollars in compensation on their behalves.

If you wish to discuss a potential car accident case in Orlando or any of the surrounding communities of Central Florida, we encourage you to call 407-894-1480 or contact us online for a free and confidential consultation.


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