How long your personal injury case takes depends entirely on the circumstances of your particular case, and whether or not you decide to quickly accept a settlement offer rather than fight for maximum compensation. Settling quickly or without an attorney may ultimately be an unwise decision, especially if it turns out that surgery or additional medical treatment is necessary. So beware, once the settlement is completed you cannot simply go back and modify it if you realize that your injuries are worse than you originally thought they were. Quick money often means inadequate compensation.

Personal injury cases generally take time because the value of your claim directly related to the extent of your injuries, and this usually requires waiting for you to reach the maximum medical improvement, at which point an attorney may be able to more accurately assess the costs associated with the treatment for your injuries. If you are still receiving treatment while trying to negotiate your case, and it is unclear when or if you will fully recover. As a result, you might not get a fair amount of compensation.

If your case involves a dispute as to who is at-fault, this may also cause a delay while the facts of the matter are investigated by both sides.

Similarly, if your physician cannot definitively attribute the negligent actions of the other party to your injuries, your case will take more time, and the insurer will not make a reasonable offer until your attorney can prove that the defendant caused your injuries.

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