The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that truck accidents result in approximately 4,000 fatalities and over 100,000 injuries in the U.S. each year. Tractor trailers cruise our roads and highways each day, carrying heavy loads of products and supplies across the country. These semis can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds – enough to easily crush passenger vehicles. Worse, drivers of these trucks often put in long hours with minimal rest periods and have to meet demanding schedules. A crash involving a tractor trailer can result in life-altering injuries or even fatalities. If you or a loved one were involved in a truck accident, contact an experienced truck accident attorney right away.

Tractor trailer accident injuries may be particularly severe and can include:

These injuries can be particularly devastating. Complex injuries may result in major medical bills, extensive time off work, disability, ongoing physical and occupational therapies, future medical treatments, and rehabilitation treatment. Settlements and judgments, therefore, may be especially high. That’s why it is critical to have an experienced truck accident attorney on your side.

Semi Truck Accidents

Accidents involving semis can be especially complex. Although truckers and their companies must keep records of truck maintenance and time behind the wheel, these records can be destroyed after a period of time. In addition, most trucks are equipped with data recorders that track the performance of the truck before, during, and after the accident. When you choose to work with our firm, we can contact the trucking company right away to ensure that this critical data is retained and not destroyed.

There are a number of both state and federal laws that pertain to truck drivers. We work diligently to analyze the accident that occurred as well as the records and data to determine if laws were broken. We can determine if driver fatigue may have played a role in your accident, or if the truck did not undergo appropriate maintenance. In addition, we can work with specialists to evaluate the data and recreate the accident.

Avoid a Truck Accident with These Safety Tips

Although we cannot prevent accidents that have already happened, we can offer the following tips to help increase safety:

  • Remember that trucks may have large blind spots. Try to avoid driving in the blind spot when possible.
  • Do not make rapid lane changes. Your car can likely brake quickly and maneuver between lanes with ease. Tractor trailers require more time and space to make these movements. Try to use your turn signal in advance of your lane change and move slowly from one lane to another.
  • Be aware of driving conditions. Wet, snowy, or icy roads are even more dangerous for truckers. When possible, allow even more space during these driving conditions.
  • Remember that trucks make wide turns. Give truckers extra space when turning by not crowding alongside the trailer during turns.

Adhere to these rules to help make the highways safer for everyone. And, if an accident does happen, contact Todd Miner Law®️ by calling 407-214-4743 or by filling out a free online consultation form.



Todd Miner

Todd Miner is the Senior Trial Attorney & Managing Attorney at Todd Miner Law®️. A Florida native, Todd's journey in law began at the University of Central Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He then obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law. With a background as an Assistant State Attorney and experience in insurance defense, Todd brings over three decades of legal expertise to his practice, focusing on complex personal injury cases. He is dedicated to advocating for his clients and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

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