Orlando, Florida, one of the top family vacation locations in the world, is the number one unsafe city in the United States for drivers. In 2011, reported fatal accidents in Orlando numbered 27 and involved 39 cars. The total fatality count reached 31. Three of the drivers causing a fatal accident were driving while drunk. Fifty-three people were involved in the fatalities, of which 12 were pedestrians.

Fatal accidents in Orange County, Florida average 148 including those that occur in the City of Orlando. In addition, dozens of non-fatal car crashes happen each day that cause traffic congestion, property damage, and personal injury. Many are unfamiliar with the roadways and are easily distracted while looking for the right place to make a turn.

Others are driving rental cars that have controls that they are unfamiliar with. Others are distracted while getting directions on their cell phones or trying to read directions on their GPS unit. Confusion in the car with several people talking at once or giving directions adds to distractions that may cause car accidents.

Safe Driving Tips

  • Speed limits exist for a reason; do not exceed them.
  • Slow moving traffic creates hazards. If you drive below the posted speed limit, stay in the right hand lane.
  • Never drink alcohol and then drive.
  • Designate a person to be the “navigator.”
  • Map your route before beginning your road trip.
  • Study your route before leaving.
  • Have the navigator responsible for listening to and reading a GPS unit.
  • Never exceed the number of passengers your car is rated for occupancy.
  • Have a thorough auto safety inspection before you begin your road trip.

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