Electrical burns are injuries caused by contact between the skin and a strong electrical current. While they are not the most common type of burn injury, they can be among the most dangerous. In a recent study of workplace injuries, about one in five electrical burns caused permanent disabilities.

An electrical burn can be caused by a defective product, a negligently built or maintained home, or dangerous behavior around electrical wires. If you have been harmed by another party’s careless actions, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your related losses. Call the top personal injury attorneys Orlando has to offer, Todd Miner Law®️.

Electrical Burn First Aid

When a person suffers from contact with an electrical current, the first step is naturally to separate him or her from the source of that current. Never touch a burn victim directly to accomplish this. If you cannot turn off the current, use a non-conductive material like wood or plastic to move the victim out of the way.

The next steps you take will depend on the extent of damage done. Remember that it is difficult to gauge the full extent of an electrical burn without a professional medical exam. Even if the wound seems minor on the surface, electrical currents can cause major damage to the heart and other internal organs. It is always best to err on the side of contacting a medical professional if you have doubts.

You need to call emergency medical services right away if the victim is experiencing symptoms such as: loss of consciousness; an irregular heartbeat; disorientation or confusion; breathing difficulties; severe skin damage at the site of the injury. An electrical burn can be disabling or even fatal if it is not properly and quickly treated.

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An electrical burn can lead to steep medical costs, severe pain, lasting disfigurement, and more. To learn about receiving the compensation you deserve for such losses, contact Todd Miner Law®️.