Nominal Damages Definition

Damages are amounts of money awarded by a court to compensate an injured party for certain losses he or she has suffered. For example, special damages are meant to compensate for financial losses such as medical bills, while general damages compensate for less tangible losses, such as emotional pain. This article will review a particular kind of compensation known as nominal damages.

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How Nominal Damages Can Help

In some personal injury cases, the plaintiff has not suffered significant medical or financial losses, or simply does not have adequate evidence of his or her injuries. However, this does not necessarily mean that he or she cannot pursue a personal injury claim. If the court is persuaded that the defendant was legally negligent, the plaintiff may be awarded nominal damages.

Nominal damages are small amounts of money that are awarded to show that the defendant is guilty of negligence, despite the fact that the plaintiff does not qualify for more substantial compensation. These damages may be as little as $5, but they are not necessarily useless. People may pursue nominal damages in order to:

  • Establish a precedent for future legal cases against the defendant
  • Absolve themselves of legal responsibility for an accident or other incident
  • Seek justice against a negligent party, even if they do not win financial compensation

If you understand this nominal damages definition and think that you or a loved one has been harmed by another party’s reckless actions, Todd Miner Law®️, the personal injury lawyers Orlando relies on, can help you decide the right kind of case to pursue.

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