Advice from an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

More often than not, when seeking financial recovery from a personal injury, plaintiffs find their claims are settled out of court. Some claims, however, ultimately go to trial, in which case you, as the plaintiff, will likely need to attend a deposition.

A deposition is when your sworn testimony will be taken by the other attorney before a court reporter with your attorney present to object to certain question that are either irrelevant or improper. During the deposition, the other attorney will likely ask questions about how the accident occurred, what injuries were sustained, what medical expenses have been incurred, if there are any lost wages, other similar questions.

Testifying at a deposition may seem intimidating, but as stated above, your attorney will be at your side during the entire process to make sure your rights are protected. If you need experienced legal guidance and representation for a personal injury, Todd Miner is the attorney to call.

What Happens at a Deposition?

When preparing to litigate for compensation due to a personal injury, Attorney Todd Miner may also take the depositions of the other driver, for instance, if the injury was from a car accident, and from any eyewitnesses to the accident or and from expert witnesses who can provide additional information or insight about the case. Some of the deposition testimony can then be presented during the actual trial.

Before your deposition, you will be prepared by your attorney so that you are aware of the potential questions you may be asked by the other attorney. It is very important to fully understand your rights and obligations before testifying. Orlando attorney Todd Miner will stand resolutely at your side to make sure you are properly prepared and protected.

Have You Been Victimized by a Personal Injury? Todd Miner Can Help!

Civil claims can involve many complex regulations and proceedings. To discuss your case with the personal injury attorney Orlando residents know and trust, contact Todd Miner today.