Todd Miner Law®️ helps clients understand premises liability laws in Florida. There is often the mistaken belief that falling and getting injured on someone else’s property automatically guarantees a monetary settlement from the property owner. A lot more is involved in a premises liability claim than that.

Establishing the Definition of Premises Liability

The first basic element of any premises liability claim is asking the right questions. Which premises were involved and who owned the property at the time of the accident need to be established before proceeding. Those questions will be asked by an attorney before he or she decides to accept a case.

It is Important to Seek Medical Attention for a Premises Liability Case

One of the first questions an Orlando accident attorney will ask a plaintiff is whether or not he or she sought medical help after suffering an injury on someone else’s property. By seeking the help of a medical professional with a valid complaint, you will be creating a record of your injury, and that documentation can be used in court to help you win a case.

A Hospital Bill will Establish Medical Costs and Detail the Injuries

By seeing a physician immediately after an injury, you will be documenting the extent of your injuries and the amount of pain you suffered. You will also be establishing any future medical costs that you may have to incur. This information will be invaluable in a court of law, and aids with proof of the injury you sustained.

You Have to Prove Negligence to Win a Premises Liability Case

A final necessary step in order for you to win a premises liability case is that your Orlando injury lawyer will have to prove negligence on the part of the property owner. There must be some defect or damage on the property that the owner knew about but failed to correct, and that the particular defect or damage is what caused your injuries.