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Defective products can lead to serious personal injuries and medical expenses.
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Certain products are dangerous by nature. Coffee pots involve hot water,
which can easily lead to burns and lacerations if the carafe breaks. However,
this doesn’t excuse the manufacturer or retailer from liability
if the glass bursts during normal use and causes an injury. The defendant
may still be responsible if the consumer used the product responsibility
and still sustained damages.

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Defective Products Examples

There are three primary types of product defect: design, marketing, and
manufacturing defects. When it comes to filing suit for your injuries,
you will need to determine what actually caused the accident.

  • Was the product dangerous from the beginning – the result of poor
    and unsafe design?
  • Was the product damaged somehow during manufacturing?
  • Did the manufacturer fail to provide warning of potential injuries?

The answers to these questions determine what type of defect caused your
damages. Additionally, these answers may determine where you should pursue
compensation. Two of the most common defendants include retailers and

Design Defects

This type of defect happens when the creator of the product fails to anticipate
an innate flaw in way the product functions, posing a serious risk to
the safety of consumers. Even if the product was manufactured flawlessly,
it would still lead to injuries. In short, the product was faulty from
the beginning, even when used for its intended purpose.

Marketing Defects

A marketing defect occurs when the manufacturer or retailer fails to warn
consumers about the potential dangers of a product. Many products, such
as hair dryers and curling irons, come with extensive warnings, cautioning
users to avoid electrical injuries and burns. These warnings are designed
to protect users from undue injury and avoid accidents. Without them,
the manufacturer could be held responsible for any ensuing damages.

When it comes to marketing defects, the manufacturer’s legal obligation
is twofold:

  • To warn consumers of hidden dangers that may arise when the product is in use.
  • To provide instructions for consumers so they know how to use the product safely.

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect occurs when the product’s design is safe,
but the manufacturer makes a dangerous error. This happens when the actual
product deviates from the designer’s intention and creates a hazard
for users. If a bottle of prescription medication is contaminated during
processing, anyone who suffers an injury or illness because of the error
may have grounds to sue, even though the medication itself was not the
outcome of a dangerous design.

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